A Weekend In Dresden

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Pardon me for not exactly being a world or even American traveler. However, at this point in my life, I think it’s safe to declare Dresden as the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited.

One of the best parts about my internship in Eisenach is that I can immerse myself in Eisenach life while also having the opportunity to visit other German cities.

My group and I spent Friday and Saturday in Dresden, trying to soak in as much as possible in this rebuilt city that had been mostly destroyed by heavy bombing in early 1945.

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Immersing Myself in Eisenach

It seems that nearly every event in my life lately has been prefaced with the word, “last.”

Last Wartburg athletics broadcast.

Last Trumpet column.

Last band concert.

Last collegiate class.

Last final exam.

Last IHOP club.

Last Knights Village 203 FIFA tournament.

So the unequaled amount of “firsts” I’m about to embark upon come as a welcome adventure.

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I Guess Watching Kris Bryant Strike Out Thrice Will Have To Make For A Good Story

My view from the Wrigley Field grandstands Friday.

Had my roommates not organized a trip to Chicago the day following the end of our final collegiate semester, I may have found myself at Principal Park on Friday night.

That is, home of the Iowa Cubs, the Class AAA affiliate of my beloved Chicago Cubs.

So it’s hard to be disappointed with what transpired at Wrigley Field on Friday afternoon.

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